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Australia Immigration Process

Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189
Australia Regional Skilled Migration Visa Scheme subclass 187
Australia Employer’s nomination Visa Scheme subclass186
Australia Partner Visa subclass 309/100
Australia Contributory Parents Visa subclass 864/143
Australia Child Visa subclass 802/101
Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa subclass 489
Australia Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190
Australia Point System

Importance of Immigration

Australia is the world’s largest island and the smallest continent! This very fact clearly depicts how interesting this country must be! It derives its name from the Latin word, Australia, that basically means an unknown land of South. Australia is one of the most liberal and welcoming countries in the world. It ranks among the top destinations for immigration across the entire globe.


Australia offers a plenty of opportunities for people. Be it just for a vacation or for studies or for a living, Australia has avenues for one and all. With good and amicable hospitality, this country has managed to be one of the Favorited immigration spots for people all over the world. So Immigration Mitra provide best Immigration consultant for Australia.

Australia is popularly known as the “lucky country”. This is because the country has an amazing and pulsating economy, backed by a good quality of living and a stable political government. The country is blessed with unparalleled scenic beauty and thus, attracts tourists from everywhere, each year. The Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House are in list of top 10 tourist destinations in the world. You must never miss a chance to be in Australia and revel in its beauty.

What makes it attractive to aspiring job seekers and business holders is the fact that the country has a very organized point-based system, well-developed cities, high and competitive wages and an exceptional employment rate. The country is a home to people of different areas, races and
communities and thus, is quite diverse culturally. They attract thousands of immigrants each year. There are huge job openings in the country because of skill shortage that is the current issue in the country. This has given many enthusiastic people a chance to live and work in Australia, either on a temporary or a permanent basis.

The entire migration process to Australia is not a very tedious one and doesn’t involve a lot of paperwork. However, one must be calm and patient during the process as it is a lengthy one. You must have all your documents ready in proper conditions. These include documents like birth
certificate, degree certificates, experience letters, recommendation letters etc. The process takes time, but can give you sweet results if you have all the necessary documents with you!

There are different types of visas to Australia. They include Visit Visa, Study Visa, Permanent Visa, Working Visa, Business Visa and Working Holiday Visa. You must select the correct visa according to your requirements so that you do not land in unnecessary hassles. At Immigration Mitra, we understand all your visa needs and do our best to assist you in your immigration to Australia.

Would you like to tell that immigrant Mitra are a highly coveted team of visa aiding and providing company having Australia Immigration consultants.

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